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In the silence of Kippur, we asked: Excuse me, which company would you like to run? - Voila! money


Highlights: In the silence of Kippur, we asked: Excuse me, which company would you like to run? Yoel Bar-El is Chairman and Founder of UnicornTrax, a leading provider of computer vision and analytics solutions for retailers. Maayan Cohen Haziz, Director of Site Israel and VP Global Human Resources at CyberProof: "I would have wanted to be the CEO of Space-X" Erez Issarov, CEO of Tiltan College of Design and Visual Communication: "There aren't many areas that are so close to my heart and thatrouse so many emotions"

Management is their profession. They are busy, successful and, in most fat, very satisfied with what they are doing. And yet, in a perfect world, if only they could: What kind of company would they run?

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They are busy, energetic, immersed almost 24/7 in running their business or organization. Read reports, calculate numbers, outline a vision. Sometimes they encourage outstanding employees or reprimand others. What most of them have in common: Their schedule is so demanding that sometimes they don't have time to lift their heads from the "current" schedule and find time for other reflections.

And yet, in the totality of Yom Kippur, in the absolute silence, it is sometimes possible not only to fast or ride a bicycle, but to ask ourselves a few questions from a broader perspective.

So in honor of the day of reflection, we asked five executives from five different companies which companies they would like to run, provided that the company they run on a daily basis is not a legitimate option.

Yoel Bar-El, Chairman and Founder of Unicorn Trax

Yoel Bar-El is Chairman and Founder of UnicornTrax, a leading provider of computer vision and analytics solutions for retailers. Innovative computer vision, alongside machine learning and an Internet-powered platform, turns everyday shelf images into real-time business insights, offered to the company's customers to streamline their in-store sales strategy and manage product availability.

The company was founded in 2010 by Yoel Bar-El and Dror Feldheim and has central offices in Israel, Singapore and San Francisco and provides solutions to its customers in more than 70 countries around the world.

Which company that isn't yours would you like to run?

If I hadn't founded Trax together with Dror Feldheim, I would have wanted to be the CEO of Space-X. The challenge of colonizing Mars outweighs anything humanity has achieved to date. This is a scientific and technological breakthrough for new worlds, literally.

Being an astrophysics enthusiast, this is a field I would love to lead to its success because beyond the commercial side, it has a significant impact on the future of humanity.

In order to colonize Mars, you have to solve fundamental problems in many areas of science: you need a space vehicle that will get there and back without refueling, and you have to solve problems of human existence as soon as they get there.

Managing such multidisciplinary challenges, with the best minds in the world that I will certainly recruit, standing in front of investors when I explain the potential for success, risk management and the responsibility that comes with them, are all the dream of every CEO and technological entrepreneur.

Of course, not everything is rosy and alongside a rewarding salary I will have to report to Elon Musk who will try to intervene in every decision, a fairly common ritual in the daily interaction between startup entrepreneurs and their board, the question is how bad Elon Musk can be.

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Maayan Cohen Haziz, Director of Site Israel and VP Global Human Resources at CyberProof/Aviv Nave

Maayan Cohen Haziz, Director of Site Israel and VP Global Human Resources at CyberProof, which provides cybersecurity based on a cloud-optimized artificial intelligence platform to giant global corporations.

Which company that isn't yours would you like to run?

"If I were not in my current position, Ithink I would want to deal with advancing the status of women, specifically promoting girls to leadership positions in the economy and politics.

I feel that today there are such amazing initiatives on the ground that are doing sacred work, such as the Shavet association led by the wonderful Maayan Arazi Malinarsky, but it is always possible because unfortunately the road to full gender equality in senior leadership positions is still long. There aren't many areas that are so close to my heart and arouse so many emotions in me as this one, so that's what I would choose to do in an ideal world.

Erez Issacharov, CEO of Tiltan, College of Design and Visual Communication/Michal Wong

Erez Issacharov, CEO of Tiltan College of Design and Visual Communication. Tiltan was established in 1994 following the market demand for skilled design professionals. The college emphasizes the students' significant practical experience working in the real world in order to turn them into professionals of the highest level in the various fields of design.

Which company that isn't yours would you like to run?
"Contributing and giving to the community has been a supreme value in my life for years. In my private life, I volunteered in MDA, Rotary Israel and today I am an active volunteer in the Friends of the Road Assistance organization. That's why I made sure that volunteering and contributing to the community are also an integral part of the students' curriculum.

I would like to run an organization or association similar to the Friends organization, which I am really very proud to be part of and see how it affects on the ground. For example, since the beginning of the year, the organization's volunteers have rescued 1,280 children who were locked in vehicles. Making a real and important impact on the lives and well-being of others is the legacy I would like to leave behind."

Adv. Ravit Gross, CEO of the Crafts and Industry Association/Anat Kazula

Adv. Ravit Gross is the CEO of the Crafts and Industry Association, a representative employers' organization that brings together more than 100,000 business owners (who themselves employ about 420,000 workers) in various fields, in all branches of Israeli industry, including small and medium factory owners, self-employed and all those engaged in beauty professions.

The Association is a member of the presidency of the business sector and acts as a representative body vis-à-vis decision makers, public institutions and authorities on a variety of issues, from regulations and legislation to collective agreements. In addition, the Association functions as a non-profit organization that serves as a small business community and assists the small business owner in any field related to the conduct of the business in daily life, such as: legal advice and representation, recruitment of personnel, financial conduct, credit raising, assistance with the authorities, etc.

At the age of forty, my perception of my place in the world changed – I realized that the pursuit of money and career would always continue, but once we stopped looking at ourselves as individuals, we would really be meaningful to each other.

It's important for me to have a social impact on my environment as well. I realized that from now on, in my next roles, I would like to do not only for my home but to do for society, and as much as possible. So what is the job of my dreams? Before I was appointed Director General of the Association I practiced law, I would like to be a judge or serve in a public managerial position in the Ministry of Economy.

I think that in both cases these are places where it is possible to have a significant impact on people's lives and serve a wide population. As CEO, I would love to see more and more women in management positions and at key decision-making junctures for the welfare and benefit of the citizens of Israel.

Dr. Orna Harel, CEO of the foodtech company Sea2Cell/Rami Zaranger

Dr. Orna Harel is the CEO of Sea2Cell, a foodtech company that develops the fish of the future - a cultured fish that grows out of water. Due to overfishing and global warming, scientists predict that fisheries in the open sea are going to account for less than 20% of food from the sea by 2030. The amount of fish is decreasing and significantly affects food security. Therefore, the production of cultured fish is of great importance, especially for populations that rely heavily on food from the sea, such as countries in Asia and South America.

Which company that isn't yours would you like to run?
The field of food tech is of great importance in a world of extreme climatic events such as those we are experiencing these days. The company, which I founded in the Fresh Start incubator together with other partners, operates in the field of cultured fish and has made a number of significant breakthroughs in the past two years, but if I had to choose another company to head it, I would be happy it would be Aleph Farms.

For me, Aleph Farms is a company that has an interesting combination of a disrupted technological challenge (which is something that always appeals to me) and a talented team with leading capabilities in the technological and business fields, and above all they take part in a mission that I see as the most important - developing the food of the future.

In addition, Aleph Farm is a company that shows a willingness to cooperate and support young companies, and for me this is an example from which to learn, in order to create a true leading ecosystem in Israel. At Sea2Cell we also try to share

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