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Waiting for two billion: Uncle Amsalem, it's not your father's money - voila! money


Highlights: Dudi Amsalem holds no less than five ministerial positions. For more than six months he has refused to sign a withdrawal of profits from government companies to the state. "The reality seems to have passed over the honor of the minister and the employees of his office," says the head of the Government Companies Authority. "We don't care now who you wanted to appoint and why they didn't let you. We have no time for your petty nonsense when it is to save lives," he adds.

Amsalem holds no less than five ministerial positions, and for more than six months he has refused to sign a withdrawal of profits from government companies to the state

In the video: Minister Amsalem against Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara: "The most dangerous person for the country"/Knesset Channel

At a time when every shekel can help evacuees, soldiers, compensate businesses and rehabilitate the envelope, citizens open their pockets and hearts to help buy products, collect donations, transport deliveries, cook, laundry and any creative initiative there is, sitting in his office is Dudi Amsalem, the minister of regional cooperation, who is responsible for government companies, the minister of atomic energy, a minister in the Ministry of Justice and also the minister who liaises between the government and the Knesset, smug and detached.

From the height of his status, his many portfolios and his political aspirations, he puts a pass on the survivors of the massacre, fighters who sacrifice their lives, evacuees who fear for their future, and shamelessly sticks his fingernails into two billion shekels, dividends of the government companies for which he is responsible, and refuses to transfer them to the state coffers.

Amsalem and Rosenbaum. "Please, this is not the time for politics"/Image processing, Municipal Corporations Association, Jonathan Zindel/Flash 90

"The reality seems to have passed over the honor of the minister and the employees of his office"

For more than six months now, the money has been in Amsalem's captivity, spooned in the scribbles of the one signature he refuses to scribble on the piece of paper that would untie them from their chains and set them free for the public good.

In normal times, one could suffice with showing disgust at the despicable political maneuvers he employs and the passionate battles he has been waging since taking office with Michal Rosenbaum, director of the Government Companies Authority. He insists on appointing political cronies to directors and senior positions in them, she blocks him. As punishment and revenge, he refuses to transfer the dividends to the state and thwarts any move it advances.

Last week, Rosenbaum urged him, for the umpteenth time, to release the money for the war. "Mr. Minister, please, this is not the time for politics," Rosenbaum wrote to him. "I write this with great pain and sorrow, the reality is as if the honor of the minister and the employees of his office has been overlooked. October 6 and October 8 are one. The way is the same. The standards are the same, the operating software is the same operating software."

But these days are days of disaster and war. And if you still don't understand it, Minister Amsalem, maybe you will bother yourself to tour Bari and the village of Gaza, in order to smell the smoking odes with your own noses and watch the horrors with your own eyes. Maybe then, you'll get blown into proportion, finally crash to the ground of terrible reality and do the bare minimum that's required of you: sign a miserable document.

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Rosenbaum's letter. "The rudeness left us embarrassed and gaping"/PR


Recall that if you have forgotten, in the blinding cloud of power in which you live, this money is not your father's, and at this time, you must not add another sin to the crime of which you are already a part, as a member of the default government. When the day of judgment comes, and it comes, even this criminal obtuseness will be attributed to your duty. We don't care now who you wanted to appoint and why they didn't let you. We have no time for your petty nonsense when it is necessary to save lives and rebuild a country.

Anyway if you were to do anything useful now, besides sabotage and spoil. 22 million shekels costs your office. What regional cooperation are you doing now? With whom? With Jordan, Egypt, Hamas, Hezbollah? Maybe Saudi Arabia? After all, your CEO doesn't come to the weekly status meetings of the directors general of government ministries, with the Prime Minister's Director General, Yossi Shelly, because he has nothing to contribute to the discussion.

So in order to justify the salary and cover yourself up for future research, you conduct tours of government companies. In meetings where you are comfortable, there is no rest of spirit, or the spirit of the commander, but a dirty mouth and humiliations of those around you. Those present on the last tour of Israel's ports are still shocked by your abusive behavior. Is this how you instill motivation in managers and employees who are supposed to be at the forefront of security and civilian activity? Without a minimum of proficiency in the material and with rude insults?

Amsalem. Bring you a pen?/Shlomi Amsalem, Government Press Office

When I contacted Amsalem's office and asked when the minister would be willing to transfer the money, I was told that a meeting would be held today on the issue and that it was a "process." And when I tried to understand Amsalem's contribution to the war effort and to the people's reconciliation and rehabilitation activities, I was told that "employees of the Ministry of Regional Cooperation work around the clock for the abducted and missing, staff the helpline for senior citizens, and the minister goes on tours and discussions in government and security companies."

And the highlight, hold tight: "The Ministry of Regional Cooperation is formulating the action plan for the establishment of an integrating body for emergency cooperation, in accordance with the 2023-2024 work plan." Where have you been until now? Have you waited for an emergency time to set up an integrating body in emergency situations?

When I insisted on measurable and concrete activity, one that could be tested and quantified, they were proud of the 15 million shekels allocated for fortifying the communities along the conflict line in the north. The title looks promising. And then it turns out that the Ministry of the Negev, Galilee and National Resilience is leading the process, in cooperation with the Jewish Federation. Since it was your humble truth that connected the Forum of Communities on the Conflict Line with the Jewish Federation of New York, it is reasonable to assume that Amsalem's work on the matter was very limited to non-existent.

So Mr. Minister, don't appoint directors of critical government companies with an emergency role in the war, like the Israel Electric Corporation, which has been functioning for more than a year with a missing and lame board of directors and without a chairman, don't fill senior positions without which defense companies find it difficult to take off. You don't have to. Just sign the transfer of the two billion shekels now, sit where you sit, and just don't disturb.

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