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Looking for work in the shadow of the war? These are the companies that are hiring right now - voila! money


Highlights: Even in the shadow of the war, large companies from a variety of fields are recruiting new employees. We spoke with some of the human resources managers of Israel's leading companies that continue to recruit these days. There are open positions in the fields of high-tech, industry, healthcare, banking, and more. We have also compiled some tips for searching for work during this period: If you are not employed and despite the situation, try to proactively and plan at least an hour or two a day in order to look for work.

Even in the shadow of the war, while many businesses have put employees on unpaid leave, large companies from a variety of fields are recruiting new employees. Looking for work? We have compiled some vacancies for you

Wartime hiring: industrial and high-tech companies are looking for you/shutterstock

Since the outbreak of the war, the State of Israel has experienced a complex period of uncertainty, stress and worry. Many workers were placed on unpaid leave, some were fired, and there are those who, just before the end of the war, were in the process of being screened and were arrested. We spoke with some of the human resources managers of Israel's leading companies that continue to recruit these days, with all the details about the open positions.

Before we lay out the variety of vacancies we have found for you in the fields of high-tech, industry, healthcare, banking, and more, we will lay out the behavior of organizations in recent weeks in the field of human resources and recruitment and we have also compiled some tips for searching for work during this period:

Maya Buchnik, career counselor and high-tech mentor at the jobs, explains that in the first week of the war there was almost wireless silence when it came to recruiting employees. Everyone gathered within themselves, interviews were canceled or postponed, and employers rarely responded to resumes sent to them, did not advertise jobs, and certainly did not proactively contact candidates.

In the second week, there was a change – employers returned to recruiting, but recruiters minimized proactive contact with candidates, still responded only to those who contacted them a day or two before, and were afraid to reach out to people at an inopportune time and in difficult situations. Jobs were advertised more by word of mouth, on social networks and sometimes along with some kind of explanation or "apology" that it was a vital role or companies developing essential/defense products. Many volunteer jobs were also advertised.

Starting from the third week, you can also see publications of companies in other diverse fields. and the beginning of a return to routine recruitment. But still, many managers are in reserve and in their place interview other managers, and there are companies that are still on a full or partial freeze.

The way of coping varies from person to person - some simply go into stagnation. Stop the job search if it is economically feasible for them. Others, those who can't afford not to work, returned about three weeks ago for searching, some at low intensity, some high. And there are quite a few who were drafted into the reserves.

Some job seekers respond by posting job searches on social media. Upload a picture, tell them what they have experience with and ask for help. There are many more posts like this recently.

Tips for job seekers:

If you are not employed and despite the situation and despite the fact that most of us have a tendency to stick to the news on television - try to proactively and plan at least an hour or two a day in order to look for work.

For those who are wondering if there are recruitments at all – then the bottom line is that even now there is a selection of open positions, so it is definitely worth returning to the job search process. Paradoxically, precisely because many people are undecided and delayed, those who do apply now have less competition for each job and therefore more chance of standing out.

I expect that in the coming months, and as the fighting continues and many workers are in reserve for a long time, companies will recruit instead for temporary positions. If you open the search for such jobs as well, the supply of jobs will be greater and who knows – many times what begins in my time becomes permanent.

If you have more free time now – this is a good opportunity to review professional material, maybe also expand it through online courses that are inexpensive, very convenient for learning from home and also an opportunity to change your thoughts

If you have postponed tasks such as upgrading your resume or LinkedIn profile - do it now.

There is a large selection of open positions in defense companies, large organizations, drones, cyber and more. Even if you haven't thought of such a direction before, open up the boundaries of your search to maximize your chances.

And a tip for businesses – as a small business owner myself I can testify that there are many tasks that need to be performed in every business and are postponed on routine days due to lack of time – I call them "infrastructure tasks". Take advantage of your free time now to accomplish those tasks you've long put off.

Jobs in the high-tech industry

Company Name: Cato Networks

Description of open positions: product managers, development managers, developers, cyber researchers, DevOps, automation, finance, marketing, recruitment and human resources, while abroad there are open positions in the fields of sales, customer managers, and technical support personnel. Application link: Careers at Cato Networks Zahorit Molshansky, VP of Human Resources at Kaito Networks: "Cato Networks

is committed to supporting employees and their families during the war. We have adapted the recruitment processes to this complex period, and we manage the processes sensitively, flexibly and according to the needs of the candidates.

At the same time, we make sure that our employees have the conditions that will allow them to cope as much as possible with this period, such as the possibility of working from home, flexibility in hours, adjustment of goals, etc. Kaito is an Israeli company, founded in Israel by Israeli entrepreneurs, and its management is based in Israel.

Despite the difficult period, we continue to recruit workers and thus push the Israeli economy forward. We hope that additional Gal and Bellit companies will continue to recruit employees in Israel and believe that high-tech will drive the economy forward in the coming years."

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Company Name: Fireblox

Description of open positions: Open positions are mainly in the fields of Product, R&D, C++ Development, Full Stack Development, and DevOps. Link to apply: Careers at Fireblox Sarah Laura Hagai, Head of Global Recruitment at Fireblocks: "Fireblox

continues its activities on an ongoing basis, taking into account the emergency situation in Israel. Today there are about 40 jobs in Israel in addition to 20 global jobs. We are fully aware of the candidates' needs and the situation on the ground, as long as we will not give up on any potential employee due to the situation.

We believe that the economy will continue to operate in the shadow of the situation and Fireblox will continue its activities and make sure to provide the best service to our customers and support its employees."

Company Name: Pantera

Description of open positions: Finance, Marketing, Research and Development, Product. Link to apply: Careers at Pantera

Dganit Feller, Director of Recruitment at the cyber company Pantera: Pantera is a global company and its business activity has not been affected. We continue to recruit for positions that were open before the outbreak of the war, and we have opened additional positions over the past month.

It is clear to us that the recruitment process must be carried out with great sensitivity, and with an understanding of the situation we find ourselves in as a country – starting with conducting Zoom interviews to allow people to be with their families, or freezing processes vis-à-vis those who have been drafted into the reserves or whose spouses are in the reserves. From a business and moral standpoint, we don't want to give up on great candidates just because they contribute themselves to national security.

In some cases, at the request of the interviewees, we made recruitment calls during reserve service, in order to advance the process and out of a desire to prepare for quieter days. Caring for employees begins with the recruitment process that reflects the company's values to candidates. We believe it is our duty and hope that other societies will adopt this approach that matches the special reality we live in.

Company Name: Lightrix Description of open positions: Lightrix

continues to grow and recruits for a variety of fields - from entry-level positions to senior management positions. We recruit for development (backend, web, devops, mobile), research, data, production, design and marketing. Apply link: Careers at Lightrix Aliza Green, Global Recruitment Manager at Lightrix: "Lightrix

continues to grow and develop groundbreaking generative AI technology for tens of millions of its users worldwide. During this complex period, we continue to recruit for a variety of open positions in the various departments and make great efforts to adjust the pace and nature of recruitment sensitively and taking into account the changing needs of both candidates and recruitment managers whose availability is also affected by the situation.

The security situation makes it difficult to maintain a recruitment routine, starting with availability for interviews due to reserve duty, but also challenges for children who are still learning from home, as well as general mental difficulties that sometimes make it difficult to function optimally, especially in a job interview environment.

The recruitment team at Lightrix is attentive to these difficulties and we call candidates at every stage of the recruitment process that we are here to help with adjustments that will be required according to the situation and exercise flexibility and discretion regarding each and every step of the process. All this in order to enable candidates to continue interviewing for various positions while adapting to the unique reality in which we live today."

Company Name: Armis SecurityJob

Description: Aramis continues to grow and recruits for a variety of positions - from product positions (Product Group Lead and Senior Product Manager), R&D (R&D Group Lead), Data (Senior Data Engineer, Data Analyst), as well as other management, development and architecture positions. Apply

link Yael Koch Warshawsky, Global HR Manager at Aramis: "Even during this complex period, Aramis continues to recruit for a variety of positions and expand its R&D center in Israel. Since the October 7 terrorist attacks in Israel, Aramis has emphasized the welfare of its workers – those on the front lines, in the envelope, in communities near the northern and southern borders, and on the home front.

These efforts primarily strengthen our employees, who are the heart of Aramis, as well as the goal of business continuity. We invest considerable resources in order to adapt the recruitment process to the changing conditions in the field, both in terms of candidates and in terms of our teams. The high-tech industry will continue to be the locomotive of the Israeli economy, and it already has a very important task – to move the economy forward even in times of uncertainty, and to help the recovery of Israeli society as a whole the day after."

Company Name: Pango
Description of open positions: PM Data, PM, Backend developer, QA automation, DBA
Link to apply: Career at Pango Tsala Levy, VP Human Resources at Pango

: "In some of the most difficult days the State of Israel has known, every activity and discourse on other topics feels less appropriate, less interesting, trivial and negligible. Still, it is clear to all of us that it is important to move the economy and the economy, and we have a role to play in this.

We have a responsibility to our employees, our customers and the Israeli economy. So even though our hearts are still shattered, and despite the fact that a significant percentage of our talented and talented guys have been in the reserves for a month, and those who are not - are waiting at home for their loved ones who went to defend the homeland, we are trying to create a routine in this unusual reality.

Beyond that, the reality is also that there are still tens of thousands of job seekers who, even before the war, had a difficult year. So companies that have jobs for recruitment – continue the processes, there are those who need and are waiting for it, and in the end the entire economy will benefit from it."

Vacancies in the field of health

Company Name: Clalit, Israel's largest and leading
health organization
Description of open positions: Clalit, as the largest civilian employer in the country, recruits a wide range of professionals in many fields and regions in Israel, including: doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, pharmacists, medical secretaries, x-ray technicians, laboratory workers, speech therapists and more.

Ornit Bar-Tal, Deputy Director General of the Human Resources Division: "Clalit, as an organization that provides medical services in hospitals and community clinics, is at the forefront of activity during both routine and emergency times. In these days of war, we are working even more intensively both in the hospitals that treat the victims of the events of October 7 and the fighting, and in the community clinics that continue with routine treatments and also provide a unique response to many evacuees from their homes (about 120,000 people) who have moved to hotels or various evacuation centers.

In the current situation, we are required to quickly and effectively recruit mental health therapists, continue to provide treatment to evacuees who were evacuated from their homes, and on the other hand continue ongoing activity in our field – recruitment of workers for required positions.

We offer a whole professional world, career for life, allows both personal and professional development. And the benefits are many:
1. Work and career with meaning in an organization that deals with medicine and saves lives and impacts the health and quality of life of millions of people
2. Employment flexibility and the possibility of diversity between roles, between hospitals and community clinics, and throughout the country.
3. A career with a horizon: professional development, guidance and managerial
Link to apply: Career in Clalit

Vacancies in banking

Company Name: OneZero

Bank Description of open positions: Technologist: Senior backend developer, backend team lead, software tester, senior data scientist, banker: recruitment of a new banking course as part of the growth of the bank's activity. Link to apply

Danielle Tzipira, Director of Recruitment: "After Black Saturday, when we realized that we were dealing with a complex event, we decided to concentrate on being with the employees and the recruitment team became a listening ear, a kind of round-the-clock war room.

All open positions have been frozen. After a week, we opened 4 critical positions and each week we examined the market and decided how to move forward, in a flexible configuration adapted to the situation, the employees and the country. In the last two weeks, we felt obligated to return to a kind of routine to maintain sanity and also because we are an essential business.

We avoid aggressively advertising the jobs, but we did return to recruitment and respond to requests from candidates. Of course, even during the conversation we feel the other side and are inclusive."

Jobs in the industrial sector

Company Name: Tnuva Description of open positions: Tnuva

is currently recruiting for a variety of positions both men and women, for field positions alongside managerial positions. Among the open positions: produce gatherers, refrigeration technicians for dairies, drivers for distributing produce, mechanics, electricians, production workers and more. In addition, the company continues to recruit for management and professional positions such as food technologist, engineer, economist, and more. Link to apply: Careers at Tnuva Gabi Weizman, VP Human Resources and Administration of Tnuva

: "As the leading food company in Israel, responsible for the food security of the citizens of Israel, we feel immense pride in the role we have in producing and supplying essential products to the public. We are committed to maintaining business continuity, in order to ensure that our products reach every home in Israel, in any weather and in any security situation, whether in the southern communities or in the northernmost areas.

We work around the clock in the company's factories and logistics centers, in order to maintain continuity even at a time when we have hundreds of reserve recruits. We continue our business activities, even during these difficult times, and continue to recruit for a variety of positions. Throughout the period, we assisted our employees and their families as much as possible, and we will continue to do so throughout the fighting. Among the steps we have taken – assistance in accommodation for some of our employees and their families who live in the combat zones, while providing flexibility and the possibility of working remotely, which enabled continued service to customers.

In addition, we were in constant contact with our recruited employees and their families, and even arrived at IDF bases and the homes of the recruits with gift packages of Tnuva products. We provide a broad envelope and accompany our employees in need of emotional support during this period, and we have even given trainings and workshops to strengthen mental resilience, we have changed and adapted work hours to the reality outside, we have made it possible to bring children to the workplace at the company's headquarters and more."

Company Name: Domino's Pizza Domino's Pizza is currently offering a variety of jobs suitable for, among other things, employees who were placed on unpaid leave or recently
laid off
even during the war, Domino's Pizza

continues to operate, where possible, and recruits employees. In light of the difficult reality of putting tens of thousands of employees on unpaid leave these days, Domino's Pizza is opening its doors for them with a variety of job offers: from open positions for internal workers, through recruitment of couriers to recruitment for managerial reserve positions such as shift managers, when outstanding employees have a horizon for branch management.

How do you get to work at Domino's Pizza? Go to the company's website - Domino's Job and apply for the job that interests you and Domino's job recruiters will provide a response as soon as possible. Link to recruitment site

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