Eduardo Elsztain, the founder and CEO of Mercado Libre, is one of the organizers of the exclusive and hermetic meeting. The owner of almost all the shopping malls, half of the Hipotecario, several emblematic buildings, and thousands of hectares later joined GAM (Generation for a Better Argentina).

This time it had the visit of three presidents of the region who, according to an organizer, “speak the same language, are young, highly trained professionals, and have a vision. ”Pro business and pro markets.”. The organizing committee was made up of ElsZtain and Marcos Galperin, the main shareholder of Mercado Libre with banker Roberto Sallaoti from the Brazilian BTG Pactual in the form of a “fireside chat," or a dialogue next to the fireplace inspired by the times of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whose speeches were listened to by Americans by the fireplace in World War II. The rule is Chatham House, a system of holding debates that emerged in the United Kingdom at the Royal Institute of International Affairs for frank dialogues without people being identified.