Emmanuel Macron has not forgotten his promise to meet again the players in the agricultural sector. “In the coming days or weeks, but very quickly now, he will receive the farmers,” assured Agriculture Minister Marc Fesneau on France 2.

A meeting with the unions had been promised by the Head of State during the Agricultural Show, which took place in a stormy atmosphere. ‘The conditions to emerge from the agricultural crisis are not met’, judged the boss of the FNSEA Arnaud Rousseau, estimating that “the pace is not there at all” in the implementation of the measures promised by government to angry farmers. The minister also returned to a promise made by Emmanuel Macron during the agricultural Show, that of the establishment of “floor prices”, "below which the processor cannot buy, below which the distributor cannot not sell” “The indicator will be done sector by sector and will constitute this price,’ said the head of State.