Coach Rotem Hajjaj answers the fashion and grooming questionnaire. "I dyed my hair black for photo shoots abroad in my modeling days and found out I was allergic to PPD (a compound found in hair dyes)." "I was hospitalized with a severe allergy in a hospital with severe swelling on the head" "I received my most expensive item as a gift from my husband.

A stunning bracelet. I don't have one" "Dorit eyebrows, she hasn't moved without them for 8 years." "Expression lines between the eyebrows, nevertheless she talks a lot. Beyond that, not there yet" "The clothes I made the day before because it's important for me to organize in advance and feel the best about myself." "New swimwear for the summer" "Chanel chance" "A winning hair tip?" "Overlap once every two days." "I don't want Botox, I just want to look good." "I want to have more children."