Prince Harry has listed the United States as his primary residence for the first time since stepping down from the royal family in 2020. The Duke of Sussex recently updated documents registered with Companies House, declaring that his "new ordinarily resident country/state" is now the U.S.

This administrative change would have occurred on June 29, 2023, more than three years after his famous "Megxit." Despite this legal change, Prince Harry explained in December 2023 that he still considered the United Kingdom his "home" but felt "obligated" to reside in the United States for security reasons. "The United Kingdom is at the heart of my children's heritage, and it is a place where I want them to feel at home as much as where they currently live," explained the Duke in a written statement read in a London court, as reported by the Daily Mail. If Prince Harry decides to become an American citizen, he could be forced to renounce his titles of nobility.