The Dutch capital has adopted a radical new measure to combat overtourism. A new hotel in Amsterdam can only be built if another hotel closes.

The limit of 20 million overnight stays stems from a popular initiative called “Amsterdam has a choice. ” No fewer than 30,000 Amsterdammers have called for control of visitor flows in the capital. Amsterdam also wants to discourage unwelcome tourists coming “to go wild," particularly by consuming drugs and alcohol. A few days ago, Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema expressed her desire to regulate the market for hard drugs like cocaine and MDMA to combat drug trafficking and its “disastrous” consequences on the city's economy and security. The new rule does not apply to hotels under construction and those having obtained a building permit, of which there are 26 to date. The municipality wants to make and maintain the city livable for residents and visitors. The city is known worldwide for its coffee shops.