Olaf Scholz arrived at the head of a delegation of a dozen industrialists, from Siemens to Mercedes, including Thyssen Krupp. The German chancellor quickly visited a Bosch factory manufacturing hydrogen engines.

Despite – or because of – the commercial dumping exercised by China in Europe, the security threats exerted by the Middle Kingdom and the diplomatic confrontation between Beijing and the American ally, Germany intends to warm up relations with his business partner. From year to year, the trade imbalance between Germany and China is growing. According to the German insurer Allianz, Rhine exports have fallen by a third since the last quarter of 2020… The German Chancellor arrived in China on Sunday for a three-day visit. He is accompanied by a large business delegation, including Siemens, Mercedes, Thyssens Krupp, Mercedes-Benz and Bosch. The visit is expected to last until the end of the week, when he will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing.