Coffee or a snack during these hours will really not help and will even lower your energy, which you are trying to regain. Snacking on a snack or two during the work day can cause unnecessary spikes in blood sugar, leading to sleepiness when the sugar level comes back down.

"Small snacks often won't fill you up. Biologically, a snack won't make you feel less hungry," says Dr. Christopher Rhodes. "Sometimes, it could very well be that you are simply thirsty," he says. "Ask yourself if you are really hungry or if you're just bored. "For the most part, the desire to snack will decrease immediately," says Rhodes. "For the most part, the desire to snack will decrease immediately." Avoid sweet snacking and replace it with complete carbohydrates with healthy fats, protein, and fiber. Instead of coffee, Rhodes suggests drinking green tea, which contains caffeine, but also antioxidants and other healthy compounds, such as L-theanine. Try to make your lunch low in carbs and high in protein and vegetables, says Rhodes. He suggests replacing the rice and pasta dishes with a rich vegetable soup, chicken soup, or lentil soup, which will make you feel full, just like you will feel after eating a portion of pasta, but with this option, you'll feel much less lacking in energy immediately afterwards. The key to sustained energy is maintaining balanced sugar levels within normal ranges throughout the day, Rhodes says. The body is very good at using and processing glucose within certain ranges, but it goes out of balance with levels that are too high or too low, and this is exactly what opens the door to the fatigue that takes over you towards the end of the day," emphasizes Rhodes. The best way to stay energized is to stay away from caffeine.