The transport ministers of the federal states are currently debating further financing - it could happen quickly. For just 49 euros per month - a comparatively affordable price - you can use all local buses and trains and even some long-distance transport.

The ticket is a great relief, especially for commuters, but the price could soon rise massively. It was only in January of this year that the ministers announced that the price for the German ticket should remain constant. However, there has been no movement on this matter since November. "If the funds are not transferred, the German ticket will have to become more expensive this year or it will even be phased out completely," warned Bavarian Minister of Transport Christian Bernreiter. The German ticket has already sold over 11 million copies since its introduction; it is uncertain whether the price of 49 euros can be maintained. It could be that there will be a greater burden on passengers in the future, and the price will rise.