A sore throat can have different causes, ranging from a bacterial or viral infection to reactions to air, cigarette smoke, and dust. A classic solution for a sore throat is gargling, as the pain-relieving solution reaches the throat directly.

Even healing clay diluted in water has proven effective for sore throats as it has an anti-inflammatory effect. Even if it hurts, drinking water or cold tea is particularly important for a sore throat. You don't necessarily have to go to the pharmacy or drugstore to get the gargle solution. You probably have everything you need at home: tap water and table salt. Sugar-free herbal lozenges can also provide further relief, as they stimulate the flow of saliva and moisten the throat, so that painful swallowing is minimized. Cold and heat can help with sore throats, as it can help to reduce the pain of swallowing. You can find even more exciting health topics in the free newsletter from 24vita.de, which you can subscribe to right here.