The first Japanese robot landed on French television in 1978 to the delight of fans. Figures, collectibles, board games, paintings, and even some original drawings are exhibited in three rooms.

Jeremy Cerrone has toured Brussels, Toulon, Lille, Riyadh, and soon Qatar with his exhibition. All the pieces, down to the original drawings which can cost thousands of euros, have been loaned by enthusiasts. The exhibition at the town hall of the 9th arrondissement, which is on until April 28, is aimed at adults who embrace their childhood passions. It was a challenge to see if the public would be receptive, but for three years, it has been a success, says Jeremy C Kerrone, the producer of the Goldorak show. He has already had a statue of the robot at the airport. I've alreadyHad a statue. of the first Japanese robot on French TV in 1978, which landed on France in 1978. The show was called La Parisienne, which means 'The Parisienne' in French.