Over 14,000 people responded to a survey conducted by Camille Fox 4 days before he died and has yet to be published. The survey, commissioned by the Bell Real Estate Group last month, was conducted among 14,600 participants from the general and ultra-Orthodox sectors.

Only 2% of the respondents in the general sector answered that they own both a residential property and an investment property. 38% of those aged 21-30 believe that real estate prices will increase significantly, compared to 25% ofThose aged 51+. Between 31-40 and 41-50, the figures stand at 35% and 30% respectively, that is - about a third of the population in the age range between 31-51 Believes that real Estate prices will rise significantly after the war. "The data sheds light on the cultural differences between the populations," says Yifat Zivat, VP of Marketing at Bell Group. "You have to understand that when an ultra-orthodox couple gets married, the ultimate goal is to buy an apartment and everything is geared towards that," he says.