A change to the vehicle registration regulations has been in force since July 1, 2012. This allows vehicle owners to register two vehicles with a changeable license plate.

A “1” is affixed to the permanently mounted smaller part of the interchangeable license plate on the first registered vehicle, while the second vehicle registered with the interchangeable plate receives a “2.”. The interchangeable plate consists of two parts, as the ADAC explains: “The stamp plaque with the state coat of arms is attached to the common front part. The last digit of the license plate is located here. The front and longer part may only be attached and used on one of the two vehicles that are registered together. This means it must be attached to the vehicle that the vehicle owner is currently using. A variable license plate may be used for the following vehicle classes (source: ADAC): Class M1: Motor vehicle for the transport of passengers (maximum eight seats in addition to the driver's seat)