The speed camera marathon has been running for several years in Germany. The campaign will also take place in 2024.

Only five federal states are taking part in both the action week against excessive speed starting on Monday and the focus day next Friday, April 19th. Six other federal states only take part in one of the two campaigns, five in neither. Last year alone, the police in Hesse checked around 205,000 vehicles. Of these, around four percent were traveling too fast. Drivers have to be careful near schools, kindergartens and retirement homes. But there are also actions against speed offenders in other countries, such as the EU's Operation Roadpol.. Drivers must be careful: the speed camera Marathon starts in April 2024. Although the date is known in advance, numerous drivers are speeded. The police monitor road traffic in Germany on several days in order to catch one or two drivers speeding. However, most of them were just a little too fast and got away with a fine of up to 70 euros.