Hailie Jade Scott, the daughter of Eminem and Kimberly Anne Scott, posted photos from her bachelorette party on her Instagram account on April 17. The 28-year-old young woman appears on a boat wearing a white swimsuit matching her cowboy hat.

Around her, seven of her closest friends, perhaps her future bridesmaids, and to her right, her sister Alaina Scott, all dressed in black and wearing the same hat. According to the photos and the caption of the publication, "Tampa Baes," the happy gang took a boat trip in Tampa Bay, Florida. Hailie Jade has been engaged to Evan McClintock since February 4, 2016, while Eminem's daughter was pursuing a psychology degree. Eminem dedicated the song "Just A Little Shady," released in 2000, which recalls her father's famous song "The Real Slim Shady." The young woman is in fact the niece of Kimberly Anne Scott, whom she and Eminem adopted in 2000. Her mother was battling drug addiction at the time.