The Curse: The Origin tells the origins of the evil little boy who marked his mother. Immaculée narrates the life of another young girl devoted to the Church since childhood.

Both films explore the already very exploited world of films about the trials and tribulations of nuns. Very popular in cinema in the 1970s in Japan and Europe, we find its spirit more recently in Benedetta(2021), which takes this style to the Cannes Film Festival. A genre so notable that the Americans even gave it a name: "Nunsploitation." The first takes place before the Curse, directed by Arkasha Stevenson, and the other is an independent film produced and starred by Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria, Everything But You). The film is released three weeks apart, in theaters since April 10, and tells the story of an American woman who comes to Italy and is trapped by a sadistic priest. The second takes place three weeks later, and is also directed by Stevenson.