The plan includes about 4,900 new housing units, most of which will be built in 2-6 storey residential buildings. The plan includes an addition of about 148,000 square meters for public buildings and new open public areas totaling about 75 dunams.

The National Committee for the Planning and Construction of Preferred Housing Complexes (VATML), headed by Rabbi Natan Alantan, has approved for deposit the plan to establish a residential neighborhood in the north of Abu Sanan. The plan optimizes the use of land and creates quality public spaces for the residents, according to the Chairman of the National Planning Headquarters and the chairman of the Hothmal. The Ministry of Construction and Housing works to promote housing solutions for all Israeli citizens, the Director General Yehuda Morgenstern said. "I am happy and excited to announce a new program that will provide a broad response to the needs of Druze society and Arab society in general," he said. The plan adds about 1,400 dunams to the development area of the existing settlement and an addition of about 6,200 housing units. The plan is aimed at strengthening the social and economic resilience of Abu Sanan, a mixed and pluralistic settlement, which unites in its area several communities and different religions. The plan includes a plan that includes diverse housing solutions for the homeless on state land as well as private costs. In order to advance the plan, we were required to locate a special open space. This led to a complex and long process. In the end, we managed to submit a plan for the settlement that enables the development of the settlement for decades to come. It will meet the target population of about 26,500 residents.