Luca Ceballos and Juan Cruz Martnez were heading to a physical education class when they lost control of the car they were traveling in and collided with a parked utility vehicle. They had been hospitalized since last Thursday, when the road incident occurred.

They were traveling with three other companions, who were out of danger although one of them was still hospitalized. "You could say that (the car) was going between 80 and 100 kilometers per hour and this coincides with the investigation that the Criminalistics area of the Police and Justice was doing," said the graduate in Criminalistic Sciences Fernando Zacaras. The two teenagers were heading toward the Quinta de las Monjas, where they took physical education classes. The hospital confirmed his death a day later, and his condition was serious, as was his brain ultrasounds showed almost no activity, according to the latest medical report. The car apparently got lost when entering a roundabout and leaning on two wheels and ended up on the sidewalk of the opposite lane.