Cleaning should be done once every two to three months. Microfiber cloth is recommended as a solid all-rounder.

Uncoated recycled paper is highly absorbent and is suitable for streak-free wiping - but be careful with the printer's ink! SÜDWEST24 reveals here how you can clean car windows easily and efficiently.. Window cleaning made easy: With a few tips and tricks, it's not only streak-free but also quick and easy enough for lazy people. The easiest, quickest, and most thorough way to clean windows. LUDWIGSHAFEN24: How to clean your car windows with a few simple tips. Ludwigshafen24: What's the best way to get rid of dust and pollen in your car? LudWIGSHAFEN 24: What are the best ways to keep your car clean and tidy at the same time? The easiest and quickest way to wash car windows is to clean them with a combination of water and cleaner.