Belgian federal prosecutor's office has opened an investigation into suspicions of corruption among MEPs. Investigation follows identification of an influence network financed by Moscow linked to the media "Voice of Europe" Czech intelligence services (BIS) revealed that they had unmasked an influencenetwork financed by Russia.

The BIS claims that the influence of this network extended “as far as the European Parliament’ The European Parliament was the scene of Qatargate, an affair in which several MPs were suspected of having received money to defend Qatar's interests. The latter claims not to have received Russian money. The site, now inaccessible, notably contained interviews with far-right MEPs, notably Patricia Chagnon. There we find a video of the elected National Rally (RN) Patricia Chagna. The deputy of the Flemish far-left party Vlaams Belang. The former claims not-to-have-received-Russian-money, while the latter claims to have been paid by the Russian government.