Transport Minister Volker Wissing warns of cuts for drivers - and thus provokes a new traffic light dispute about climate protection. The threat immediately sparked outrage.

The Greens and environmental associations were extremely irritated by the approach. The FDP in particular is pushing for a reform of the law, which is part of the coalition agreement. According to the Federal Environment Agency, the transport sector in particular had recently missed its targets. The key point so far is the following mechanism: If sectors fail to meet the targets, the responsible federal government departments have to make adjustments in the form of emergency programs - to ensure compliance with emissions levels. However, according to the federal government's draft law, compliance with climate targets should no longer be checked retroactively, but rather looking into the future, over several years and across sectors. In order to achieve the climate goals, a significant reduction in the mileage of cars and trucks is necessary. This would “only be possible through restrictive measures that are difficult to communicate to the population, such as nationwide and indefinite driving bans on Saturdays and Sundays,” he wrote in a letter to the traffic light faction leaders.