Deva Cassel shared a photo on Instagram of a friendly moment with her father's ex-wife. The new Dior muse has in fact published a series of photos on her Instagram account.

The contrast between the curls of one and the smooth lengths of the other is accentuated by their absolutely identical outfits: a black pantsuit. A moment which underlines a strong bond which has clearly not been altered by the separation of Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey. The latter writes in the comments: “I love you’ (i.e. ‘Te quiero’ in Spanish), the abbreviation of ‘I loveYou” in Spanish. The moment visibly shared during the presentation of the Knight of Arts and Letters medal awarded to the creator Jacquemus. The photo was posted on Instagram by the model's daughter Amazonia Cassel, who is the daughter of Vincent and Monica Bellucci. She also posted a photo of a food "accident" with fries and other sauces crushed on the ground, which justifies its caption: "What a waste!”