The trial against the 15-year-old began on Thursday in a youth chamber of the local regional court. Because of the defendant's age, the public is excluded.

The defendant, who is in custody, is charged with murder and attempted murder. He is said to have shot a classmate of the same age with a pistol at his school in Offenburg on November 9th last year. The victim died a short time later in hospital. A motive for the violent act had not yet become clear - there was talk in circles at the time of jealousy. The weapon used in the crime came from the parents' household. The suspect, a German, had 41 rounds of ammunition with him. He also tried to set off an incendiary device in the classroom and then in the stairwell, but was unsuccessful. The student's violent death also triggered nationwide sadness and horror. Since the violence, students and teachers at the special education school have been receiving psychological support. A verdict is not expected until July at the earliest.