Emmanuel Macron is expected in the Vercors on Tuesday for an unprecedented tribute to this maquis. The Head of State is going this Tuesday afternoon to Vassieux-en-Vercors, a village martyred by the Second World War.

He will be the first president of the Republic to pay tribute there. The climax of the commemorations will take place in June in Normandy, in memory of the Allied landings. The choice of April 16 corresponds to the first attack by the French militia, so as not to obscure a “painful memory that continues,” the presidency further argues. We must also talk about this "time when the French did not like each other", argues a close friend of the president, while another assumes to "take the story as a whole". “Making memory also means showing all the gray areas,’ says a friend of Emmanuel Macron, who will deliver a speech at the village's necropolis on Tuesday afternoon.