The solar year is marked by change. According to the annual horoscope, this is written in the stars for you.

Some astrologers want to see this as a transition to a new era. For others, at least a largely positive change is on the horizon in 2024. But to what extent is the sun related to an individual's happiness? The sun is at the time of birth ultimately determines which zodiac sign you belong to. From an astronomical perspective, the current solar storm will reach its peak in 2024 - it is the year of change. It is advisable to close all open chapters from last year by March so that you can arrive fully and then get started at the latest. Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, will provide an energy overload that will lead to new opportunities in career and personal growth. However, Aries should take care of their health and avoid stress. The year of the lion will be the year of adventure and learning for the lion. The zodiac sign of the leopard is said to be particularly dependent and conflict-averse. It will be a year for the leo, who will be determined and self-confident. The leo will also be the one who is most likely to have a love affair with another person. The leo will also have the years of the scorpion and the lei, which are considered to be the most loving and caring. The two zodiac signs will be born in the same year, in November.