All 20 Premier League clubs have agreed to introduce semi-automated offside technology for next season. The decision was unanimously approved by the clubs.

The Premier League will be the first league in the world to implement this technology. The idea is to start implementing it from next season after the international breaks in the European autumn. For this to work, cameras are installed on the roof of the stadiums to track the ball and will place data points for each player to plot their position on the field. The information locates the location of each player on a map and creates an image of a possible offside. It will provide faster and more consistent placement of the virtual offside line, based on the player's optical tracking. In comparison to the system used by FIFA in the World Cup in Qatar, the ball does not have a chip that shows the moments where it is hit. In 2013 they had been one of the first leagues to implement Automatic Goal Detection System (DAG) technology, which tells the referee whether the ball went in or not.