The mission will consist of analyzing the activity of the Thémis cell - responsible for collecting reports of sexual harassment and sexual violence - since its launch in 2014. The inspectors will also be interested in the disciplinary treatment of the perpetrators, the reactions of the command towards the victims and the specific situation of military schools.

They will produce a comparative analysis of practices and results observed in other administrations and internationally. Their term limit is set at the end of May. In an instruction dated March 26, the Ministry of the Armed Forces reminded each of its “subordinates” of the rules in the event of a report. “The Armies must be intractable”: “Intractable so that aggressors convicted by the courts cannot remain in the institution”, says Lecornu and Mirallès in a column published in Le Monde this Friday, April 12, the launch of a new project on the subject. The mission will be entrusted to the general inspector of the. Armed Forces-gendarmerie and the general Inspector of the armed forces health service.