The survivor of the avalanche accident was released from the hospital in Zams on Friday morning. Four people were caught in the avalanche and three people died in the incident.

The victims belonged to a group of skiers from the Netherlands. The Alpine police are questioning all members of the group as well as the mountain guides to determine what happened to the accident and to discuss whether there was any wrongdoing or not. No other people are believed to be among the masses of snow that have dissolved on their own. The avalanche fell at an altitude of around 2,200 meters. Up to three meters of snow is still up there, says Gregor Franke, a mountain rescue spokesman for the Tyrol VICTIMS VICTIME HOTEL.. An avalanche triggers a major operation in Tyrol. The two people are winter sports enthusiasts from the Dutch city of Apeldoorn. The deceased tourers were 33, 35 and 60 years old and played on the same team. All training sessions on Thursday and Friday have been cancelled, as have weekend games.