The European Commission assured MEPs this Thursday that it would rely on the opinion of the Venice Commission when issuing its own analysis of the amnesty law. The announcement, made by one of the senior Justice officials in Brussels, occurred during a new debate on the bill, at the initiative of the PP, in the Civil Liberties committee of the European Parliament.

Deputies from several countries have once again regretted the politicization of European bodies by national regulations. The Commission will conclude its evaluation on the basis of the proposed law that is adopted to determine its conformity with European law, including the fundamental values enshrined in the treaties, said the director for the Rule of Law, Fundamental Rights and Democracy of the EU Commission, Julien Mousnier, before the MEPs. The Czech commissioner takes over the Justice files, including Spanish amnesty law and the mediation to renew the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), starting this Monday, after the Belgian has begun his leave of absence to prepare his campaign to lead the Council of Europe. The Spanish dispute has been disfigured by the social democratic parliamentarian Birgit Sippel. "Unfortunately, some political groups are trying to turn this into a European political issue through internal political partisan games," said the German. The Dutch liberal MEP Sophie in T 'Veld expressed her dissatisfaction with the "politicization by all parties" of this issue. PP MEP Javier Zarzalejos has stated that this is not an amnesty law for reconciliation but rather "a law of indiscriminate impunity." "The meeting was short, less than an hour, and with little attendance. And it has been much less heated than other parliamentary sessions where the issue of the Spanish amnesty law has been discussed, such as the confrontation between Sánchez and the leader of the European People's Party (EPP), Manfred Weber, last December," said the Spanish MEP. 'Do you know what Vox is doing in Spain in its pacts with the PP? Are you sure he feels comfortable? Would that be your plan for Germany?"