After the partial legalization of cannabis in Berlin, Bavaria introduced a catalog of fines. But the implementation encounters difficulties.

On average, only three violations per day have been registered in the new catalog. For example, anyone who consumes cannabis in pedestrian zones between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. will face a fine of 500 euros. The same fine applies if you consume cannabis within sight of a school or children's playground. The distance regulations from children's and youth facilities were not thought through by the federal government and could not be controlled in practice, criticized state chairman Florian Leitner. The Bavarian Ministry of the Interior emphasized that the police not only check the violations listed in the catalog of fines but also all relevant cannabis rules. "Of course, criminal offenses are criminal offenses," said a spokesman for the Bavarian Ministry of Interior. The German Police Union complained last week about a great lack of clarity in the interpretation of the laws.