German far right accused of "selling Germany and Europe to Russia", while posing a "security" risk to Berlin. The AFD was the cross target of its political adversaries, all parties combined, for its alleged links with Vladimir Putin's Kremlin and its access to Russian sources of financing.

“The AFD calls itself patriotic but does not care about its country, only about personal enrichment and its own power,” accused Renata Alt, whose FDP party is one of the three members of the coalition in the initiative of the parliamentary debate. ‘This party has lost its innocence for a long time because it is closely linked to the Kremlin’s strategies and Russian attempts at destabilization,’ added Christophe de Vries (CDU), during a heated debate. The German far right was accused this Thursday in the German parliament of ‘selling’ Germany to Russia, while putting pressure on in Berlin a “security” risk. The far right has been accused of “selling” Germany to Moscow.