Helder Zumba (33), who lives in Königsdorf, wants to score points with Portuguese-Bavarian delicacies. On AIDA ships he worked as “Chef de Partie”, as a diet chef and “Junior Sous Chef’, as deputy to the head chef.

He barely spoke a word of German in the summer four years ago. Now he speaks Portuguese, Spanish, English and French, the young man now speaks five languages. Helder Limitless Flavors will be an inseparable duo called “Helder Limitlessly Flavors”. The motorized parcel donkey mutated into a mobile kitchen, known in New German as a food truck. The truck will be based in Münsing, Upper Bavaria, and will sell food to crèches, daycare centers and schools in June 2020. It will be the first of its kind in Germany and will be operated by a team of four people.