Christof Botzenhart summarizes the biographies of the prime ministers in a book. The work will be presented in the State Chancellery.

It took two years from the idea to the printed book. All of the authors are proven experts on the prime ministers they are writing about. The oldest author, Hermann Rumschöttel, is over 80. The third mayor of Tölz also contributed a contribution about the official residences of the prime ministers. The book is aimed at the general public interested in Bavaria's history. It is published by Pustet-Verlag and is dedicated to the portraits of the Bavarian Prime Ministers from 1918 to 2018. The authors got all the candidates they wanted. They have also engaged two young historians who have written their doctoral thesis on 'their' prime ministers. Billed as a 'home game' for the civil servant who works in the state chancellery, but it is not a State Chancellery project. Nevertheless, the book will be presented at the State Chancellery on April 18th.