Defense Minister Yoav Galant spoke with fighter pilots from the squadrons that participated in the defense operations to intercept the missiles and UAVs fired from Iran. "We have the best people, it stands the test, and works well.

And our missions are not going to decrease, they are only going to increase. This reality that we are attacked from 7 different arenas is a complex reality, and it will challenge us and accompany us. " Galant thanked the base commander, Lt. Col. Ariel Dayan and Commander, Lieutenant Col. E. Shira Kenan, for leading the mission and the successful execution. He also said that Israel should know that it has freedom of action to do what it wants, thanks to the fact that the Air Force creates defense - and what you did last Saturday is a very impressive thing. I'm talking about the entire force and the end of those who perform, both in the air and on the ground. The ranges opened to 1500 km on Wednesday.