Will artificial intelligence surpass humans? If this eventuality now seems to be a certainty for many scientists, entrepreneurs and researchers, there is however no agreement on when this should happen. Or not before 2032 as predicted by Geoffrey Hinton, the scientist considered among the fathers of machine learning? Massimo Sebastiani and Alessio Jacona talk about it in the 9th episode of "La Fabbrica della Realtà" (HANDLE) Listen to the full interview in the video below or read the transcript on the next episode of the La Fabbrica dellaRealtà podcast:         Â   Â.

  “Will Artificial General Intelligence surpass us in everything, but also and above all how to manage exponential evolution of technological progress to put it at the service of humanity?”, asks Massimo Sebastiani. “Yes,” responds Alessio Jacona, “I think it is possible.”.