The financial regulator BaFin has to intervene and file another insolvency application. The company now affected, Dii Investment GmbH, manages investment funds worth 621 million euros.

The 16 funds invest mainly in real estate; private individuals are also allowed to invest their money in two of the funds. BaFin's intervention is seen as a sign of how deep the crisis at Dii really is. The financial regulator asks affected investors if they have any questions to call the following number: 0800 2 100 500. A moratorium will only be imposed if all other measures have failed. "However, if the institution is threatened with insolvencies or excessive indebtedness, then the financial regulator will pull the ripcord," it says. The parent company had to file for bankruptcy before Easter. Dii is mainly active in the area of residential construction projects and, according to its own information, manages a portfolio of properties worth four billion euros at the time of this writing.