The old city returns to normal after the Iranian attack, which surprised Jews, Muslims and Christians. Despite the surprise after the attack, with no deaths or material damage, early in the morning calm reigns between the walls of the old city.

The presence of visitors and parishioners is much larger than in the first weeks of the war, which began when Hamas killed around 1,200 people in Israel on October 7. None of those consulted among the ancient stones of Jerusalem claim to have been scared by the attack. The conviction and that they exude is reminiscent of those who suffer from the well-known hallucinations of some pilgrims who believe that one of the characters of the Holy writings is from Jerusalem. Like the vast majority of people consulted, many prefer to give only the name “N’TAR’N” The smile does not disappear from the face of a pilgrim, however, as it does from a woman who just a month ago came to work with an Israeli family in Bet Bet.