Newly developed military laser “Dragonfire” is likely to give Ukraine significant advantages in the fight against Putin’s drones. The weapon has been in development in the UK for over seven years, with its first successful test on an aerial target carried out in January.

Despite testing, the ‘Dragon Fire’ laser could come too late for Ukraine. There are increasing indications of a large-scale Russian offensive in the summer, and the Ukrainian army fears serious setbacks and even a withdrawal from the front lines. The laser weapon is actually not scheduled to be introduced until 2027. But like the US portal, Ukraine hopes to be able to use the “ dragon fire” sooner. It remains to be seen whether the laser weapon can change the course of the war so significantly by then. The US military has also been working on similar weapons for years. Despite successful test runs, none of the weapons have yet been used in combat. The UK Ministry of Defense says the product is years ahead of other weapons.