Giovanni Zarrella and his wife Jana Ina Zarella have problems in the house. The entire basement is full of water.

Jana ina reports about it in her Instagram story and informs her followers about the various consequences. Ultimately, she is “physically exhausted” as a result of the clean-up work.. If it rains too much, entire basements can be flooded. The family got help saving the basement from a friend and her trainers. They had to dry, clean, call the insurance company, get things from the basement, order containers, and throw things away. To make matters worse, they also had to document everything that was broken at the same time. The Zarrellas are THE German celebrity dream couple. For the 20th anniversary of their marriage, they are celebrating with a party in Cologne. They are celebrating their "perfect husband" and "perfect father" The party will take place at the Zarrellas' home in Cologne, Germany.