Israel and Iran continue to make threats towards escalation. Foreign Minister Israel Katz threatened on Wednesday (April 10) that Israel would retaliate against Iran if Iran launches attacks from its own soil.

Iran has been threatening to destroy the country since the war in Israel and is considered an important supporter of anti-Israel terrorist groups in the region. Israel is even testing an attack on a nuclear facility on Iranian territory in response. However, military experts consider it unlikely that Iran will attack Israel directly. While Israel is confronted with direct conflict on its northern border with the pro-Iranian terrorist militia Hezbollah, Benjamin Netanyahu's government is planning the ground offensive on Rafah. According to UN estimates, around a million refugees from other parts of the Gaza Strip are currently living in Rafah, seeking protection from Israeli attacks. The Israeli army had announced that it would create “humanitarian islands” for the people of Rafah further north. According. to media reports, Israel is also said to have purchased around 40,000 tents for the evacuation of civilians.