Three investigations were entrusted to the gendarmerie after reports made by the military school of Saint-Cyr Cotquidan (Morbihan) "acts of a sexual nature committed within" the institution, we learned Thursday from the Rennes parquet floor. Regarding the first three reports, "there are no complaints from potential victims," said the public prosecutor's office.

An additional report had been made that same day, but it is not known who the victim is or who the author of the report, according to France 2. "We took the responsibility of making a report today following the France 2 report which revealed to us an alleged sexual assault that neither I nor my superiors knew about," said the commander of St.Cyr, General Hervé de Courrèges, on Thursday evening. "Zero tolerance applies to everyone with a logic of authority which can be aggravating in the present case," he noted.