Putin is feeling the pressure of sanctions and is therefore turning to his allies. However, the president must not forget the consequences for Russia's economy.

Western sanctions have been particularly effective in reducing Putin's trade profits and shrinking his war chest. Experts have been warning for months that Putin's war economy will take its revenge. The money currently flows mainly into arms deals and military spending, which is also expected to increase in 2024.. American oil shipments to India rose sharply in March, according to data from crude oil tracking firm Kpler. At the same time, Russian oil imports have fallen by about 800,000 barrels a day since peaking last year. If India stops buying oil from Russia, an important source of income for Russia’s economy will disappear. The Russian arms industry in particular is probably dependent on help from other countries. The country's defense spending is clearly problematic, as the Kremlin continually sources missiles, drones and even artillery shells from North Korea and Iran, writes American's Stephen Blank Think tank “Foreign Policy Research”