The exclusive segment of electric super-SUVs, currently dominated by BMW time, from Mercedes' 800 Volt Mb.ea architecture. This hypothesized battery-powered successor to the current Mercedes-AMG Gle 63 (assuming that even the Three-Pointed Star, as several competitors have already done, does not decide to extend the life of the Ice models until 2035 and beyond) should be developed entirely in Casa Amg.

Like the latest GT Coupé and GT 4-door Coupé, it is offered exclusively as 'bespoke', i.e. made to order and with finishes personalized for the buyer. Among the other 'unique' features of this new model should be the axial electric motors from Yasa (the Oxfordshire-based company purchased by Mercedes-Amg in 2021) which in the latest generation develop up to 480 HP and 590 Nm of torque each. Despite being compact and light (each engine weighs just 24 kg) these engines suggest that AMG's new electricsuper-SUV could exceed 1,000 HP of overall power.