Julio De Vido is under house arrest in his house in a country in Puerto Natal. He is accused of paying a 56 percent surcharge for works and equipment purchases for the creation of the State's Argentine Digital Terrestrial Television System.

The project was to "democratize information." The total of embargoes reaches 400 million pesos. He already has two sentences and seven prosecutions plus prosecutions in the Skanska, Cuadernos de Bribes, the soap opera "Mamá Corazón" and the irregular granting of subsidies to groups, two cases of fraud in Odebrecht works and the expansion of Fiscal Coal Deposits, among others. But he does not have a firm conviction because the sentences still need to be ratified by the Federal Chamber of Criminal Cassation or the Court. The former minister of former president Cristina Kirchner's former lawyer, Roberto Boico, voted for the dismissal of the powerful former minister K. de Vido. De Vido y Ruta, former rector of USAN, added several changes from 2009 onwards. The National Appraisals Tribunal (TTN) “set the following values for both items: $129,532,464.38 for civil works; and for the equipment $81,924,698.81. In relation to the real value of the complete CIARDI/MOCAP equipment, the extra price that is noted with respect to what was budgeted is the sum of $25,451,373, 19 (31.07%)”, indicated the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires. The total value of what was approved and contracted after the successive addendums "was the sum of $330,369,253, while its market value was $211,457,163, which determines that the total difference in excess or overpricing "It was $118,912,089.87, that is, 56.23%.