Horse manager Johannes Höfinger supposedly found true love on “Bauer sucht Frau International” But everything is over between him and Florian Eichner. “Florian and I separated a week ago,” he writes in a video in which he talks about the end of love.

In the video he fights back tears, sometimes speaks in a shaky voice and repeatedly turns his face away from the camera. However, there is also good news from the farming universe. ‘Farmer is looking for a wife’ – André and his fiancée Julia become parents. Inka Bause and RTL are waiting to be paired up by RTL and Inka. Bause (55). But the news from Austria clouds the anticipation of country air combined with butterflies in the stomach. But the new season of ‘BauerSuchtFrau’ is in the starting blocks – and new farmers are waiting for them to pair up.