For the first time in his five and a half years of placid government in Andalusia, Juan Manuel Moreno has had to respond en bloc to questions from the opposition. The spokespersons for the different groups have been taking turns in the control session in the tribune of the autonomous Parliament to launch harsh criticisms of the president of the Board.

“Either put an end to this dynamic or the farmhouse is going to smell worse,” warned José Ignacio García (Adelante Andalucía) The “alleged corruption” revolves around emergency contracts in health matters to stop long and crazy waiting lists. ‘They may seem like ugly things, but they are not illegal,’ sources from the Andalusian Government assured EL PAÍS. The socialists have been raising their tone for more than two weeks and increasing their complaints about alleged incompatibilities of senior members of the board before the Anti-raud Office. But Espadas, who spends half a week in Madrid as the PSOE in the Senate, has used theest tone and has limited himself to making a statement of what his spokesperson said in previous days.