Dekel Shashankar, 33, was convicted of rape and indecent acts against six women. He was also convicted of knowingly spreading a disease to a 13-year-old minor.

The court acquitted him of committing the offense of spreading a life-threatening disease because of the doubt as to whether the intercourse was protected. The verdict states that "despite the defendant's desire to teach himself as a simple person, who suffers from many illnesses, who works for a living and seeks to help others as much as he can, in practice, this is a sophisticated, blunt, manipulative defendant who did not apply in any way for the realization of his sexual desires," the decision reads. The accused worked systematically to locate disadvantaged women while presenting himself as a lawyer, a Krav Maga instructor, an emotional therapist, or someone who could help them financially. He manipulated them using false representations, cynically exploiting their plight and all while ignoring their will.