The draft resolution presented by Algeria recommended to the General Assembly "that the State of Palestine be admitted as a member of the United Nations." It obtained 12 votes in favor, one against, and two abstentions. It is the fourth time since last October 7 that the United States has used the veto in favor of Israel.

The U.S. argues that the proclamation of a Palestinian state should be carried out as a result of a bilateral negotiation with Israel, and not imposed unilaterally. The resolution had raised enormous expectations, and in fact, the heads of diplomacy from Spain, Iran, Algeria, Jordan, Malta, Brazil, Bolivia, and Colombia, as well as representatives from sixty other countries, all of them in support of the Palestinian request, said Palestinian envoy Ziad Abu Amr. The United States has vetoed resolutions on more than 40 occasions to support its ally, Israel, since the creation of the Jewish state and its entry as a member of the organization in 1948, said U.N. secretary-general.